About Live on the Fly

We believe in building community and knowledge through new and innovative technologies.  With the world-wide adoption of live video conferencing and it’s ability to connect and educate us with high-definition video, the opportunity to provide live and online fly fishing classes is at an all-time high.  

The potency of a live event to foster community and educate is unmatched by standard video lessons.  With live Q&A and access to the instructor, learning to tie flies and fly fish has never been easier.

Live on the Fly provides live, online fly fishing and fly tying classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced tyers and anglers. Come and join us for a class and improve your passion from the safety and comfort of your own home.

We were founded by James Carlin and Allen Gardner at the end of 2020 and are actively growing and expanding this fun and exciting community of anglers and always pursuing new ideas and innovative ways to teach fly fishing knowledge and expand our community of fly fishermen and women.

James Carlin

Founder & Fly Tying Instructor

James Carlin started fly fishing at 12 years old. He quickly became known around Sun Valley, Idaho as “the fly guy.” If it’s 20 degrees and snowing, you can be certain James is freezing away fishing the Big Wood River searching for that 18 inch trout. James is the owner of So Fly Gear, a youth-focused fly fishing apparel company, author of the Modern Nymph Fly Tying Course, an avid fly tyer and under-rated authority in the industry, and a member of the United States Youth Fly Fishing Team.

Allen Gardner

Founder & Fly Fishing Instructor

Allen Gardner is equally passionate about improving in fly fishing as he is about getting out on the water. This pursuit of becoming a better angler has turned him into a creative and unique educator in fly fishing. His unique approach and ways of thinking really help simplify and clarify all the facets of fly fishing. Owner of The Catch and The Hatch and Live on the Fly, Allen continues to pursue unique and innovative ways to teach anglers how to catch more fish and get the most out of their fly fishing adventures